Sorry!!    Due to “Old Age”  this site is under construction. After many years of sitting blank, I finally admitted to myself that I best figure out how  to start making my web sites with this different program.   In the past I used a program by Microsoft but like most things in my life, it is outdated.   With the help of and and their person named Will, I’m going to give this a try for now..   Looking to build a website?   Go to and start there..   I did many years ago and found their staff to be very helpful..  Ok!  they are more than helpful, they are like family…    Thanks  I am now using a software by Xara  it’s more of a WYSWYG type program…  A lot of power is this program and it has many clips on you tube to help explain things..  Sorry for the delay..   John Date 12/27/2018  
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